Endoscopy Department

Al - Mowasah hospital Endoscopy dept. is proud to announce the arrival of the brand new endoscopy unit from "Pentax - Classic Line" which is the most advanced in its category and is the latest to what technology has come to in the GI diagnostic and treatment speciality.

Laboratory Department

Al - Mowasah labs have upgraded all the diagnostic equipment including automated chemistry instruments - open system (cormy accent), Hematology instrument (sysmix-1000), Electrolytes Analyser instruments ( AVL ),Coagulation factors instrument (Humaclot), to the latest of what technology has come to.

Gynecology Department

Al- Mowasah is proud to announce the opening of the new gynecology department equipped with latest equipment including phototherapy units, incubators, infants ventilators, ressitators, portable ultrasound and nursuries.

The dept is designed with a 4 bed labour room, an examination room, 2 delivery rooms, a nursery dept and the incubators section. The dept is staffed with highly experienced mid - wives and is designed to charge reasonable highly competitive prices and at the same time maintain high end services.