About Us

Al-Mowasah Hospital, established in 2000, provides high quality, specialized healthcare solutions in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Strategically located 5 km away from city center, the Hospital caters to over 800,000 residents of Marka and Amman.

Built with a modern, smart design, Al-Mowasah Hospital boasts dedicated equipment and experienced staff that cater to patients be it individuals, corporate entities or public agencies.

In its spacious premises, Al-Mowasah Hospital currently offers over 148 patient beds and covers all specializations save for open heart surgery. The five floors, with a total area of 1100 m2 each, currently host an Emergency, Radiology, Laboratories, Endoscopy.

Operations and Resuscitation, Haemodialysis, ICU and Plastic Surgery Departments, in addition to a Premature Babies Unit. The patient rooms are currently divided into: suite, first, second and third class all equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. lectronics and furniture.

At Al-Mowasah Hospital, our working slogan is "Quality Healthcare Solutions for Every Patient". In our departments, we apply fair practice and equal treatment to all our patients whether they're in first or third class rooms. We are committed to healing our patients and helping them recover into a better life in the least time possible.